This web site has been established to celebrate and display the history of Fairmont, NC. Like many small rural towns in the United States, Fairmont has experienced its share of economic ebbs and flows. History, however, did not begin on the day that we were born and we are a product of all that has preceded us. I hope that what is shown here is an accurate representation of  our community’s history.

Curtis McGirt owns and maintains the site and is solely responsible for any mistakes appearing here. Your help in identifying people and events shown in these photographs will be greatly appreciated and acknowledged on the site. Should you have any photographs that you think should be included here please contact us using the contact form on the site.

Information will be added periodically and we will try to do regular posts about a photo or a group of photos. When you view the Galleries pages you will see a heading before each group of photos that says “View with PicLens.” Clicking here will bring up a slide show of the photographs and will add to your viewing pleasure.

Photographs and postings will not be in any chronological order.