No matter the name — Otha’s Place or The Richfield — three generations of teenagers and young adults went there. First operated by Otha Perry before, during and just after World War II, it was the place to meet your friends in Fairmont. From what I’ve been told the food was good too!

As you can see in the above photo, Otha Perry, the older man surrounded by a bunch of young guys, was well-liked buy all. He was rough and tough with a heart of gold. At one time I could name everyone in the photo but now I’ve forgotten three or four of them. In any event here are the ones that I’m able to remember. You pick them out — Willis Grey Perry (Ham), James (Rusty) Perry, David Musselwhite, Gaston Floyd, Alton Parker, Glen Smith, Garth Lewis, Bobby Jones, Wayne Floyd, Maurice Prevatte, Billy Pender Mitchell, George Kelly Ashley, C. W. McCormick and Lester Hardin. Please forgive me for not remembering the others.

When Ernest Davis began running the eatery it was known as The Richfield. There was, for a time, a covered outside area of about 10′x12′ with a juke box. As a kid I wanted to be old enough to be able to go there by myself! Life’s great ambitions . . .

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UPDATE — With the help of an old yearbook the missing have been identified as Edwin Floyd and Byron Tedder.

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  • Jeff Brooks:

    The “Richfield”, I will always remember with fond memories mostly because of the many customers I met as a curb hop, (Davis Drive Inn) who eventually become my friends. I worked there from 1965 thru 1967
    along with (Lee Chester) Leonard.