In 1960 the Fairmont Pool opened on Murphy Street on land formerly owned by the Wiley Taylor family. This photo, made in 1964, shows those who won ribbons in a meet conducted at the pool. How many can you name? Use the comments form below and I will post the results.

2 Responses to “Fairmont Pool Swim Meet”

  • sally jordan:

    I see Gail and Tommy Inman, Blair and Tommy Purvis, Mary Ellen and Sara Floyd, Mike Webster, and possibly Vicky Wallace on the far right?

  • Isaac (Ikie) Epps:

    I agree with Sally on her comment. I believe the young man in the first row that is standing-down to the right, next to the young man in the white T-shirt, is one of Coach Owens’ sons (Hunt or Trey?).
    Also, I think that is Marvin Page on the back row-far right; and I think that is Wren Wallace to his right. Plus, I see a couple of young ladies that could be Brenda Smith. When I find my glasses, I’ll try this again!