I have recently received the opportunity to copy some old Fairmont photographs from Jane Rusher Bryan, who grew up in Fairmont and was the niece of Nettie Ruth Floyd. In those photos was the innocuous 2″x3″ shot shown above. Jane didn’t know any of the people but suspected that the one in the middle might be her uncle, Damon Floyd. Imagine my surprise as I restored the photo and recognized my paternal grandfather, Claud P. McGirt, standing on the far left.

Pa was a merchant in Fairmont from 1918 until his death at age 65 in 1943. He served at least one term as a town councilman and was on the board when the jail (now part of the public works facility) was built in 1925. We had only one photo of him — until this one.

I am forever grateful to Mrs. Bryan for sharing her family history and, in the process, expanding my knowledge of my dad’s family. I hope that some of our readers will experience the same excitement that I did as they browse our content here.

If anyone knows the identity of either of the other two gentlemen pictured here, please leave a comment below and share it with us!

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